Zuniga bronze

Peter’s Auction Pick of the Day: Latin American Modern Art

October 11, 2013

Our era’s increasing embrace of, and demand for, Modern Latin American art has inspired LAMA to create a special section of more than 50 Latin American works for Sunday’s auction. Devoted to paintings, drawings, prints, and sculpture by Latin American modernists including Pedro Coronel, Francisco Zúñiga, and Felipe Castañeda, this exquisite sampling offers the collector a unique opportunity to acquire works from the Bernard and Edith Lewin Collection of Mexican Art being sold by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) to benefit future acquisitions, as well as items from the Estate of Ruth and Dalzell Hatfield.

Francisco Zuniga: Interplay of Masses

September 26, 2013

Various works from Costa Rican sculptor Francisco Zúñiga will be offered in the October 13, 2013 Modern Art & Design Auction. One such work, Mujer Envuelta con Rebozoa bronze sculpture from 1978, demonstrates Zúñiga’s mastery in depicting the human form. Although the women Zúñiga renders may be anonymous, they are unified by the artist’s hand in elevating the ordinary woman into the realm of the spiritual and sacred.