west coast minimalism

Peter’s Auction Pick of the Day: Anything but Minimalist

June 6, 2018

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

Subtle and ethereal, several works in the June 10, 2018 Modern Art & Design auction appear almost minimalist in nature. However, the works by Mary Corse, Larry Bell, and Helen Pashgian each have an underlying complexity that has taken decades to perfect.

Auction Spotlight: Two John McCracken Finish Fetish Paintings

August 13, 2015


Los Angeles Modern Auctions is pleased to present two early works by John McCracken in the October 2015 Modern Art & Design Auction. McCracken fused painting with sculpture within the context of 1960s West Coast minimalist, Finish Fetish, and Light and Space art in California. As an artist who explored light and color in simple geometric forms, finished with highly polished fiberglass and lacquer, he both exemplified and transcended the various movements with which he was associated. Taking notice of cultural and technological trends in Southern California, he utilized what was available: the surfboard, automobile, and plastics industries. The lots here, like so much of McCracken’s oeuvre, function as “three-dimensional canvases”–between painting and sculpture–objects with sensuous surfaces to experience from multiple angles.