Peter’s Auction Pick of the Day: Philip Evergood

May 20, 2016

Lot 166, Philip Evergood, M.T. Florinsky, D.S. Mirsky and the Pidget, 1928

Sometimes a work of art has so much going on that it demands to be talked about. That’s certainly the case with Philip Evergood’s 1928 oil painting M.T. Florinsky, D.S. Mirsky and the Pidget, Lot 166 in LAMA’s May 22, 2016 auction of Modern Art & Design. The painting is fascinating and perplexing, just like the artist himself. Despite his orthodox training, Evergood painted fantastical imagery in a deliberately naïve style. M.T. Florinsky, D.S. Mirsky and the Pidget was the first Evergood painting to manifest those keynotes, and when the Whitney Museum of American Art mounted a survey of his work in 1960, it was the first picture in the exhibition catalogue.

Peter’s Auction Pick of the Day: Isamu Noguchi Chess Table

May 18, 2016

Lot 184, Isamu Noguchi, Chess Table, 1944-1947

LAMA is immensely pleased to offer Isamu Noguchi’s exceptional and rare Chess Table—first designed for “The Imagery of Chess,” a 1944 exhibit at the Julien Levy Gallery in New York organized by Marcel Duchamp and Max Ernst. Peter Loughrey discusses this seminal exhibit and Noguchi’s contribution to it: “The table is not only a seminal work in the development of organic modernism…it also embodies a perfect union of art and design, being, as it is, sculptural and functional at once.”