Ronald Davis

Ronald Davis: Paramount Opticality

May 4, 2016

Lot 59, Ronald Davis, Panel-Clamp (PTG 0312) (1971)

Ronald Davis’s geometric abstractions were regarded as revolutionary when first exhibited in the mid-1960s. Employing polyester resin paint and fiberglass to produce impressive spatial illusions, Davis’s work has drawn comparisons to the perspective studies of the artists of the Renaissance. But Davis’s eager embrace of new materials and technologies is characteristic of his own period and context. “Illusion is my vehicle,” Davis once wrote. “Opticality is paramount.”

Ronald Davis, “Illusionist” of Perspective

February 17, 2015

Lot 64, Ronald Davis, Double Sawtooth, 1970

California artist Ronald Davis explores geometric shapes and visual perspective using techniques and materials borrowed from the state’s aerospace and plastics industries. His colorful resin and fiberglass sculptures combine elements of minimalism and Pop art. Says the artist: “Illusion is my vehicle. Opticality is paramount.” For the first time Double Sawtooth (1970) and Notch Rectangle XIV (1971) go to auction, on March 1.