Richard Artschwager

Richard Artschwager Desk

May 3, 2013

Richard Artschwager (1923-2013) straddled many genres of art throughout his career, from Pop to Minimalism to Neo- Minimalism. With two retrospectives at the Whitney Museum of American Art, Artschwager is internationally known for his sculptures “that mimicked actual objects while simultaneously betraying their identity as artistic illusions.” He learned these skills about a decade before his furniture was intended as fine art. To support his family, Artschwager worked as a furniture maker, and then opened his own workshop in the early 1950s. LAMA is pleased to offer a rare Artschwager desk that was not only exhibited in 1957, but also survived a workshop fire a year later. Artschwager continued receiving furniture commissions throughout the 50s and early 60s, but 1958 marked the moment when he left a successful furniture practice and turned definitively to art. This rare desk will go up for auction on May 19, 2013.