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Phenomenal Sculptures: Fred Eversley and the Art of Perception

February 11, 2016

Lot 210, Fred Eversley, Cathedral (1972)
Lot 210, Fred Eversley, Cathedral (1972)
February 21, 2016 Modern Art & Design Auction

A Brooklyn-born artist, Fred Eversley moved to California in 1964 with the intention of entering the aerospace and electronics industry. Like so many transplants before him, Eversley was quickly captivated by the sea, sun, and sky, as well as the rich and groovy cultural scene of Los Angeles’s Venice Beach. Working with cast resin to create elegant and seductive sculptures with simple geometric forms, his work explores the act of visual perception. The results are not objects so much as sensory experiences. “I am involved with using art as a phenomenon,” he has said. “I am dealing with real energies, forces, space, time, and matter.” LAMA will offer a cast resin sculpture by Eversley in its February 21, 2016 Modern Art & Design Auction.

Ronald Davis, “Illusionist” of Perspective

February 17, 2015

Lot 64, Ronald Davis, Double Sawtooth, 1970

California artist Ronald Davis explores geometric shapes and visual perspective using techniques and materials borrowed from the state’s aerospace and plastics industries. His colorful resin and fiberglass sculptures combine elements of minimalism and Pop art. Says the artist: “Illusion is my vehicle. Opticality is paramount.” For the first time Double Sawtooth (1970) and Notch Rectangle XIV (1971) go to auction, on March 1.