Peter’s Auction Pick of the Day: Ken Price

May 16, 2016

Ken Price L.A. Riot 1994

“The two most powerful sizes,” Ken Price once wrote, “are very small and very large.” LAMA’s own Peter Loughrey discusses three remarkable examples by Price, all of which engage the spectator in musings on scale, heritage, and participation. These works, available in LAMA’s May 22, 2016 Auction of Modern Art & Design, demonstrate the artist’s extraordinary technical versatility, as well as his virtuosic creative range.

Just In: Ken Price’s Quiet “Riot”

March 24, 2016

Ken Price L.A. Riot 1994

Ken Price is acclaimed as a groundbreaking master of ceramic sculptures, but from the beginning, drawing was central to his artistic practice. “Drawing,” Price once said, “is a way of seeing what you’re thinking about.” L.A. Riot, a 1994 drawing in ink and acrylic on paper, is an exploration of dimensionality. The drawing investigates scale, mediating between a scene of violence and destruction on a television screen and the reality of events visible through a living room window. LAMA will proudly feature this extraordinary work in its May 22, 2016 Modern Art & Design Auction.