Paul Klee

Just In: Jean Arp

March 16, 2017

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

Los Angeles Modern Auctions is pleased to present a sculptural work by the renowned French-German artist Jean Arp, which will be available in the May 21, 2017 Modern Art & Design Auction. Jean Arp was closely connected to some of the most important artists of the twentieth century. Untitled (c. 1960) is an example of the artist’s late sculpture, a small-scale bronze work, over which a golden patina has been applied. Set on a black plinth, it is endowed with a grandeur and formality that belies the revolutionary spirit of the artist’s early work.

Clifford Odets “The Guarded House”

December 13, 2010

Clifford Odets’ “The Guarded House” (1947)  is one piece from a selection of 50 works from the James Byrnes Collection that will go up for auction on March 6, 2011. Clifford Odets, more commonly known to his friends as a screenwriter and movie director, had immense artistic talent, which he would employ during writer’s blocks […]