Paul Evans

Peter’s Post-Auction Picks

March 9, 2017

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

Sometimes, during the fast-paced excitement of our auctions, a handful of outstanding pieces get unjustly overlooked. Here I would like to highlight four such works – created by some of this country’s leading artists and designers – before they get snapped up. These lots are now for sale at a set price, so no bidding is required.

Paul Evans: Industrial Chic

October 3, 2013

Paul Evans combined hand-made quality with virtuoso skills in metallurgy to design and execute his furniture. In the October 13, 2013 Modern Art & Design, LAMA will offer a custom bar and bookcase unit (c. 1970) designed at the height of Evans’ career. As his work continues to rise in value, this large-scale, unique design is possibly his most luxurious creation to ever appear on the market.