Pablo Picasso

Peter’s Auction Pick of the Day: Multiples

October 10, 2015

Lot 230 Fernando & Humberto Campana Cake Stool Designed 2008 #76 of 150

All creative individuals–be they writers, dancers, musicians, or movie stars–hope to have their work appreciated by a large and diverse audience. Visual artists face a dilemma in this regard. Their abilities are assessed, their critical reputations are established, and the market for their work is based on individual creations such as paintings and sculptures. These are exhibited for a short while in an art gallery, then (with luck) disappear into a private collection, and may eventually–in the cases of artists with exceptional talent (and, perhaps, even more luck)–end up on permanent public display in museums. Los Angeles Modern Auctions Director Peter Loughrey highlights choice and collectible lots on offer at auction this Sunday by Picasso, Roy Lichtenstein, Annie Leibovitz, and Fernando & Humberto Campana.

May 17 Auction Recap: Three World Records!

May 20, 2015

Lot 167 Alexander Calder Quatre Blancs 1976

The house was buzzing at the May 17 auction when Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA) realized prices identical to New York auction house results for similar works by Alexander Calder, Andy Warhol, and Pablo Picasso. The top lot was an impressive standing mobile by Alexander Calder that brought $826,250. Additionally, LAMA broke three world auction records for California artists (previously set by LAMA), proving it is the maker of markets as made evident with total auction sales for Sunday’s auction realizing $3 million, selling 119% of the 310 lots by value.

“We are continuing to show the marketplace that sellers no longer have to ship their modern art to New York to get the highest price,” states Peter Loughrey, director of LAMA. “Whether it’s $1,000 or $1,000,000, sellers can get the same price in Los Angeles.”

How Ceramics Put a Smile Back on Picasso’s Face

April 14, 2015

Lot 150, Pablo Picasso, Fish Service, 1947

Picasso’s ceramics are colorful, vibrant, and a delight for the eye to behold. Postwar, the artist found pleasure in painting and molding pottery in the South of France at the Madoura Pottery workshop. Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA) is pleased to present Lot 150, a full Fish Service (26 pieces) produced in 1947, the year the artist began to devote much of his time to ceramics.

Peter’s Post-Auction Picks: 5 Collector’s Items To Buy

March 6, 2015


What a success–LAMA’s March 1, 2015 Modern Art & Design Auction set new world records for several artists, with total auction sales realizing $4.1 million. But you can still get in on the action with these lots, highly collectible pieces, and the time to buy is now. Peter Loughrey, director of Modern Design & Fine art, picked five highlights to love–early, significant works by masterful artists and designers–Mike Kelley, Pablo Picasso, Claire Falkenstein, Edward Wormley, and Jean-Pierre Vasarely.

Works by Clave and Campigli, School of Paris Masters, Go to Auction

November 7, 2014


In 1904, a 23-year old Pablo Picasso moved to Paris, leading the influx of foreign artists immigrating to the cosmopolitan and avant-garde City of Lights, including Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani, Russian artist Marc Chagall, and Tokyo-born Léonard-Tsuguharu Foujita. Between the years of 1900 to 1940, artists were drawn to Paris from all over the world, and the diversity of identities and ideas encouraged a period of unrivaled expression and experimentation, now known as the School of Paris. Los Angeles Modern Auctions is pleased to offer a group of works from the last wave of artists affiliated with the School of Paris in the March 1, 2015 Modern Art & Design Auction, including two remarkable works from Antoni Clavé and Massimo Campigli.

Max Ernst’s “Volto” – Surrealism in Glass

September 25, 2014

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

Dadaist and Surrealist Max Ernst (1891-1976) lived a life befitting an artistic itinerant of the Belle Époque, traversing cities including Cologne, Paris, and Beverly Hills. His marriage to Peggy Guggenheim from 1942-1946 brought him to New York, and it was this partnership that encouraged his later experiments in glass, as seen in Volto (1964). LAMA is pleased to present this work at the October 12, 2014 Modern Art & Design Auction.

Peter’s Auction Pick of the Day: La Suite Vollard

October 9, 2013

During Picasso’s prolific career, very few works have been able to attain the legendary status matching that of La Suite Vollard. From inception to completion, this particular project transpired over nine years, and stands as a defining achievement between Pablo Picasso and Ambroise Vollard. Much of Picasso’s life during the 1930’s was biographically etched into the suite. He transposed themes of mortality, his artistic legacy, and love, including his great love affair with Marie-Thérèse Walter. My expert advice is choose one or two of your favorite images and go after them, as these may be the best examples we will ever offer.

The Estate of Ruth and Dalzell Hatfield

September 23, 2013

In the upcoming October 13, 2013 Modern Art & Design Auction, LAMA is proud to offer 60 lots from the Estate of Ruth and Dalzell Hatfield. From the late 1920s until the early 1980s, through the Dalzell Hatfield Gallery at the Ambassador Hotel in Beverly Hills, the Hatfields introduced Los Angeles to some of the most celebrated artists of the 20th century. A diverse variety of paintings, prints, and ceramics, Ruth and Dalzell’s personal collection represents the pioneering work the Hatfields accomplished throughout the mid-century. Their collection includes works by European, American, and Mexican masters such as Pablo Picasso, Emil Nolde, Gertrud & Otto Natzler, Millard Sheets, and Alfredo Ramos Martínez.