Mike Bidlo

Peter’s Auction Pick of the Day: 1980’s Works

May 18, 2017

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

Every auction has its trends. Of late, I have noticed that a great deal of material from the 1980s has begun to surface on the resale market. This is reflected in our upcoming auction, which includes key works by figures such as Vija Celmins, Mike Bidlo, Howard Ben Tré, Raymond Pettibon, Jonathan Borofsky, Laddie John Dill, Larry Bell, and Ronald Davis, among many others.

Mike Bidlo: Art About Art

May 9, 2017

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

Appropriation artist Mike Bidlo is best known for his “Masterpieces Series,” for which he produced precise replicas of canonical works by modernist masters. Bidlo’s homages deliberately emulate the works of those mythologized as artistic geniuses, such as Andy Warhol, Marcel Duchamp, and Pablo Picasso. ‘Not Brancusi’ (1985) mimics Constantin Brancusi’s famed marble sculpture Mademoiselle Pogany, in this case carved from wood, not stone.