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Chicago Imagist: Sculptor, Painter and Collector Roger Brown

February 19, 2015

Lot 286, Roger Brown, Just Around the Corner (Part I & Part II), 1975

American sculptor, painter, and collector Roger Brown was a defining figure in the postwar Chicago art scene–but the range of his influences and artistic impact were national in scope. Brown was a leading member of a cadre of fantastical figurative Chicago painters who styled themselves the “Hairy Who.” Members of the group, and associated artists working in the city at the time, are now best known as the Chicago Imagists. LAMA is pleased to offer Brown’s significant corner diptych in March 1, 2015 Modern Art & Design Auction.

LA Sculptor Joel Otterson is a Jack-of-all-trades

February 18, 2015

Lot 223, Joel Otterson, American Portable Pottery Museum (Wall of China), 1994

Los Angeles contemporary artist Joel Otterson is a maker in the old tradition–his materials of choice are copper pipe, pottery, earthenware, concrete, marble, and stained glass; and he also works in quilting, lace making, and woodworking. But his works’ ironic arrangements and pithy titles are wholly au courant. Otterson describes his practice: “My work is loud, and I want it to yell at people.” In this boisterous example on offer March 1, American Portable Pottery Museum (Wall of China) (1994), the artist makes a wry and pointed comment on current global manufacturing practices.