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Artist Spotlight: Vasa

February 10, 2018

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

Born in the former Yugoslavia, long-time Los Angeles-based artist Vasa arrived in the United States just in time to help significantly shape what would become known as the Light and Space movement, which found its nascence in 1960s California. “I came to the United States because of Abstract Expressionism,” he notes in a recent monograph. “Instead, I found Minimalism, and more.”  That “more” would lead to a long career focused on an elaborate investigation into the phenomenology of light, optics, color, volume, scale, and, ultimately, perception.

Artist Spotlight: Yaacov Agam

February 3, 2018

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

In 1964, Israeli Op artist Yaacov Agam laid out his artistic credo. His statement detailed how he began producing the kinetic and optical art for which he is now so widely known. “My intention was to create a work of art which would transcend the visible, which cannot be perceived except in stages, with the understanding that it is a partial revelation and not the perpetuation of the existing,” he explained.  Often called the “Father of kinetic art,” Agam’s vibrant, dynamic works demonstrate an ongoing preoccupation with time and movement, teasing out allusions to fourth dimension where time is both regulated and made visible. “For twenty years, I tried, and finally I understood, the image must be something that becomes, not something that is,” he recounted in 1971. “Where is truth, where is the true order? The only truth is the truth of states of being, and the passage of time which destroys itself.”

Just In: Alvin Lustig

January 26, 2018

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

After a few months studying under Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin East in Wisconsin in 1935 American modernist design polymath Alvin Lustig (1915-1955) decided that a career restricted solely to the field of architecture wasn’t for him. Lustig, who once claimed that he was “born modern,” had a grander, more holistic vision for design that took a montage approach, incorporating and synthesizing diverse principles from an ever-evolving litany of sources, old and new.

Wendell Castle: In Memoriam (1932-2018)

January 22, 2018

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

LAMA mourns the loss of envelope-pushing American furniture artist Wendell Castle, who passed away at his home in Scottsville, New York on Saturday, January 20, 2018 at the age of 85. Born in Emporia, Kansas in 1932, the highly acclaimed designer and craftsman completely upended traditional distinctions separating the fields of furniture design, sculpture, and fine art over the course of some six decades.

Ed Moses: In Memoriam (1926-2018)

January 18, 2018

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

LAMA is sad to learn that Los Angeles artist Ed Moses passed away today, January 18, 2018, at the age of 91. A central figure of the early Los Angeles art scene, Moses was one of the original artists to show with Ferus Gallery.

Just In: ‘Pull (from Hoarfrost Editions)’ by Robert Rauschenberg

December 20, 2017

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

Robert Rauschenberg had a soft spot for works and processes that embraced the ephemeral, both conceptually and in practice. Like each of the works in the Hoarfrostseries, ‘Pull (from Hoarfrost Editions),’ which LAMA is delighted to include in the February 25, 2018 Modern Art & Design Auction, explores themes of an elusive, fleeting nature. The translucent, gauzy layers of delicate, gossamer-like cloth and the barely legible, yet not entirely unrecognizable imagery of this piece all point to themes of transience and transcendence.

Just In: Wearable Art by Jean Arp and Ronald Mallory

December 6, 2017

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

Jewelry design, in particular, has proved an area for fruitful collaborations between fashion houses and artists. Collaborations to create wearable art are still quite prominent today, and continue to further merge the fields of art and design in interesting and innovative ways. LAMA is thrilled to offer three exceptional pieces of jewelry in the February 2018 Modern Art & Design Auction: two by Jean Arp, and one by Ronald Mallory.

Just In: A Bold Chair by Wendell Castle

November 29, 2017

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

In the February 2018 Modern Art & Design Auction, LAMA is pleased to offer Castle’s ‘Abilene’ chair (2008), a recent work that illustrates the designer’s reverance to function and form working in unison. With its lyrical, undulating lines and over-the-top, biomorphic form, the Abilene chair is an exceptional example of Castle’s signature style. His use of stainless steel for a fluid design shows his mastery of the craft, and demonstrates his lasting impact upon both the fields of design and sculpture.