Kenneth Noland

Sam Gilliam: Beyond the Canvas

February 5, 2014

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

The upcoming February 23, 2014 Modern Art & Design Auction features the acrylic painting Live by the pioneering multimedia painter Sam Gilliam. Gilliam was a pivotal player in the Washington School Movement of the 1950s and 60s, and made considerable contributions to the Color Field Movement. In 1968, Sam Gilliam was the first recognized artist to stop using canvas stretchers as a means of reinforcement in favor of the solitary, painted, raw surface. In the 1970s, Gilliam was determined to work with beveled canvas stretchers to facilitate the idea of the painting as a dimensional object, resulting in the vibrant work, Live from 1972.

Kenneth Noland Abstract Expressionist Painter

January 12, 2010

Last Tuesday Kenneth Noland, an Abstract Expressionist artist noted for his style called color-field painting, died at 85 years old in his home in Maine. As a key component to the color-field movement, Noland explored interplays of color and form to produce a signature style recognizable through out most of his works. Color-field painting is […]