George Condo old master painting

Just In: A Keynote Painting by George Condo

November 11, 2014

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

Los Angeles Modern Auctions is pleased to announce the inclusion of George Condo’s 1984 oil on canvas Untitled (Surreal Graffiti Painting) in the March 1, 2015 Modern Art & Design sale. Famed for his farcical, often ferocious portraits of imagined subjects, Condo is widely admired for his use of Old Master painting techniques, and for bringing those methods into relevance in contemporary art and pop culture. Untitled (Surreal Graffiti Painting) demonstrates Condo’s Old Masters approach and hints at the friendships he formed with Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, both of whom started out as graffiti artists. This work was created the same year as his first solo show in New York City in 1984, which showcased “the paintings that launched his reputation,” according to The New Yorker.