Evelyn and Jerome Ackerman

Ackerman Modern: Pieces by Evelyn and Jerry Ackerman in the May 23, 2010 Auction

April 21, 2010

Evelyn and Jerry Ackerman are the best! Not only do we love everything they have produced and inspired, we think they are just great people. Last time I wrote about them was when we had a missing tile in the mosaic panel titled “Puerta”. Just as an update, Jerry fixed this for us with a […]

Mosaic Wall Panel and a chat with Jerry Ackerman

February 20, 2010

Our latest endeavor is with this beautiful Mid-Century mosaic wall panel, titled “Puerta”, 1959, designed by Evelyn Ackerman. We just received it on consignment, but we did notice that there was one tile missing. When we were deciphering the date and title of the work, there was only one person to call for help: Jerry […]