Ellsworth Kelly

Just In: Leo Castelli 90th Birthday Portfolio

July 31, 2019

Just In: Leo Casteill 90th Birthday Portfolio

Considered one of the most influential figures in twentieth century art history, Leo Castelli is credited with bringing American minimalism and Pop art to Europe and convincing a wider audience of the movements’ value and significance.

Read more about this portfolio in advance of our October 20, 2019 Modern Art & Design auction

Peter’s Auction Pick of the Day: New York Pop

October 19, 2017

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

We are excited to offer an outstanding selection of iconic works in this auction by a group of important New York artists that, quite literally, pop out among the others. Pop art never seems to go out of style, retaining its freshness and novelty to this day. This auction boasts a number of important works by American Pop artists, including art world favorites Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Frank Stella, and Ellsworth Kelly, all of whom deployed highly impersonal iconographies taken from popular culture, including comics, advertisements, magazines, billboards, television, and political propaganda to express deeply personal themes.

Peter’s Auction Picks, Monday October 3rd: Ellsworth Kelly

October 3, 2011

Today is the first day of Peter’s Auction picks for The Collection of Richard Dorso. For the rest of the week Peter Loughrey, Director of LAMA, will be giving his insight on select lots from the collection of over 400 works of art.  This sale is particularly special because Peter had a chance to speak […]

Peter’s Auction Picks of the Day: May 19th

May 19, 2010

Peter: Five of my favorite items in the auction have to do with pure geometry and color: Ellsworth Kelly’s “Yellow Over Black” Herbert Bayer’s “Chromatic Accrument” painting Victor Vasarely’s “DVA-DVA” painting John McLaughlin’s “Untitled #33” painting Each has a strong sense of shape defined by color.  But also included in this group should be the […]

Just In: Ellsworth Kelly called.

June 4, 2009

Ellsworth Kelly just ordered a catalog! He is the artist of Lot 280, “Red Orange” and Lot 281, “Blue/Yellow/Red”. If you want to order a catalog, check out our website.