David Park

Peter’s Auction Pick of the Day: The Nude Form

February 21, 2014

For some artists, it is a mere aesthetic launching pad, for others the very muse and wellspring of their lives’ work: The Nude is art’s ultimate subject. We long to see ourselves unfiltered by mask and costume, in all our shapes and sizes. Our Modern Art & Design Auction this Sunday features various nude works by David Park, William Theophilus Brown, and Judy Chicago.

David Park’s Final Summer

November 12, 2012

In September 1960, after a painful bout with cancer, David Park died in his Berkeley, California home. This final summer, however, was marked by an output of remarkable paintings that explored the themes of his career’s work: groups of people, rowboats, musicians, heads, and figures in landscapes. In the December 16, 2012 20th Anniversary Auction [Part Two], we will offer two works from the Bay Area Figurative painter David Park, one from his final summer.