Crescent Heights

Peter’s Auction Pick of the Day: Ed Ruscha

October 6, 2016

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

Ed Ruscha’s painting, photography, prints, and books are among the most iconic art works of the 20th century. A transplant to Los Angeles, he moved to the city in 1956 and soon became one of the city’s most adept chroniclers. Ruscha’s training in commercial art is evident in the two unique paintings offered by LAMA on October 9, which employ everyday subject matter and neatly set typography. For Peter Loughrey, director of LAMA, the painting in particular has a unique association: “Ruscha’s painting ‘Crescent Heights Becomes Laurel Canyon’ has a special resonance for me because I myself lived at the corner of Laurel Canyon and Crescent Heights for seven years and ran LAMA from that apartment. There’s a little red dot in the word Laurel Canyon and that’s exactly where my building was! It is especially exciting to present a piece with such a connection to Los Angeles.”