Case Study House

Just In: The Art of Craig Ellwood

June 29, 2016


From his projects for the influential Case Study House program of the 1950s to his office’s acclaimed design for the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, the work of Craig Ellwood helped define a new architectural aesthetic. Yet, many of his admirers are unaware that he enjoyed a vibrant second career as an artist. Los Angeles Modern Auctions spoke with Ellwood’s widow, Leslie Phillips, about his art.

Fate of J. R. Davidson House In Peril; Furniture to Go to Auction

April 29, 2013

J. R. Davidson, architect of Case Study Houses #1, #11, and #15, was instrumental in transforming the Los Angeles landscape through his mid-century houses that employed expansive yet sensible floor plans. The upcoming May 19, 2013 Modern Art & Design Auction features a selection of furniture (each lot comes with a Julius Shulman photograph) designed by Davidson for the Kingsley residence, a modern gem in the Pacific Palisades. While the fate of the house is still unknown, it seems likely that it will be torn down to build a larger structure.

Now is your chance to acquire furniture from a home that may suffer the same destruction as many homes that helped to define Los Angeles’ modern landscape.

The Stahl House, Case Study House #22

September 14, 2009

Last week we were lucky enough to take a special tour with LACMA to experience the inner workings of the famous Case Study House #22, the Stahl house. Not only did we get to step inside the highly coveted living room, but we also got to enjoy the company of Mrs. Stahl! When we first […]