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National Women’s Month: Women Artists Spotlighted

March 30, 2018

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

In honor of National Women’s History Month, Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA) spotlights five stellar women artists whose potent work and individual practices celebrate womanhood and female autonomy, call into question responses to gender parity, and transcend traditional conceptions of gender identity to address broader issues surrounding diversity, inclusion, and tolerance for all humans.

Just In: A Shimmering Abstract by Mary Corse

March 10, 2016

Mary Corse, Untitled (Black/Blue Bands) (2000)

Los Angeles Modern Auctions is delighted to announce an exciting addition to our upcoming Spring 2016 auction of Modern Art & Design. Untitled (Black/Blue Bands) is an abstract painting from the year 2000 by the California-based artist Mary Corse, constructed with Corse’s signature material: glass microspheres suspended in acrylic paint. Producing a startling perceptual effect, these minute beads cause the bands of white and color in her paintings to seemingly shimmer and shift above pulsing, morphing surfaces. As The New Yorker magazine put it, Corse’s “works suggest tapestries woven from stars.”

Rare Mary Corse Ceramic Work

October 27, 2015

MaryCorse, Copper-Four Crosses, 1979

Los Angeles Modern Auctions is pleased to offer Mary Corse’s phenomenal Copper–Four Crosses (1979) in our February 21, 2016 auction. Since the 1970s Mary Corse has been investigating the phenomenon of light. Among the Light and Space artists, she developed her own methods of capturing fluctuating light, changing perspectives, and dynamic surfaces in paintings. This lot is an early example of her glazed tile paintings–large-scale wall works of fired and glazed clay. Such works are shiny and reflective, almost metallic, in glorious copper hues, with uneven surfaces evocative of lunar landscapes. Since these works were a departure from Corse’s usual monochrome paintings with microspheres, they are hard to find.

Auction Spotlight: Two John McCracken Finish Fetish Paintings

August 13, 2015


Los Angeles Modern Auctions is pleased to present two early works by John McCracken in the October 2015 Modern Art & Design Auction. McCracken fused painting with sculpture within the context of 1960s West Coast minimalist, Finish Fetish, and Light and Space art in California. As an artist who explored light and color in simple geometric forms, finished with highly polished fiberglass and lacquer, he both exemplified and transcended the various movements with which he was associated. Taking notice of cultural and technological trends in Southern California, he utilized what was available: the surfboard, automobile, and plastics industries. The lots here, like so much of McCracken’s oeuvre, function as “three-dimensional canvases”–between painting and sculpture–objects with sensuous surfaces to experience from multiple angles.