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Peter’s Auction Pick of the Day: Bruce Conner

February 26, 2015

 Lot 266, Bruce Conner, Slides from light shows with the North American Ibis Alchemical Company (8), c. 1967

Somewhat elusive, Conner defied categorization. Driven by a questing intelligence, he embraced various art forms ranging from film to assemblage, drawing, collage, and photography. He is known best for his complex and affecting experimental films. Conner’s quick-paced, montage laden cinematic works have won a place in both film and art history; his works are found in the collections of the Whitney Museum
 of American Art, New York; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Museum of Modern Art, New York; among other institutions. Conner enthusiasts–who reference his early film, Cosmic Ray (1961), featuring the music of Ray Charles, and later collaborations with alt-rock icons, such as David Byrne and the band Devo–argue that he is the father of the music video.

Just In: Bruce Conner Psychedelic Works from “The Summer of Love”

November 17, 2014

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

Los Angeles Modern Auctions is pleased to announce the inclusion of eight hand-colored photographic slides by artist and avant-garde filmmaker Bruce Conner in the March 1, 2015 Modern Art & Design Auction. In the words of acclaimed actor and artist Dennis Hopper: “In my opinion Bruce Conner is the most important artist of the twentieth century.” Used in psychedelic light shows at the Avalon Ballroom, home to the Doors, the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and more, the slides are an important artifact from San Francisco’s 1967 “Summer of Love.”