Brazilian Artist

Artist Spotlight: Maria Helena Vieira da Silva

February 5, 2019

Artist Spotlight: Helena Maria Vieira da Silva

Born the daughter of a Portuguese diplomat and the granddaughter of the founder of the O Século daily newspaper, Maria Helena Vieira da Silva was exposed to a wide array of avant-garde art forms early on in life. Read more about the artist in today’s Artist Spotlight.

Artist Spotlight: Sergio Camargo

September 12, 2018

While creating a traditional mold of his hand, Camargo was taken by the range of possibilities that lay on the outside of the plaster cast where his fingers protruded. Though typically discarded, it was the external plaster that offered the “rhythm of contraction and expansion” that he had been searching for. While in Paris in 1961, Camargo began to associate with major figures from the Op art and kinetic art movements. During this period, in 1969, Camargo first discovered the method for his iconic monochromatic relief sculptures, such as Untitled (Relief No. 261) (1969).