Billy Al Bengston and Kenneth Price

Moving Target: Billy Al Bengston

May 4, 2015

Lot 116 Billy Al Bengston Untitled Miniature 1962

At the forefront of the late 1950s Los Angeles vanguard, Billy Al Bengston was a founding member of the “Cool School” art scene. In 1957 he took part in the Ferus Gallery’s opening group exhibition. A flamboyant character, throughout his career he consistently and defiantly changed gears, both by challenging and confirming methods of the new, the traditional, and the outré. His art world niche is derived from his innovative use of metals and sprayed lacquer; an obsession with surface and finish; and a rotating repertoire of motifs and symbols. Los Angeles Modern Auctions is pleased to present five outstanding lots by Bengston, early ceramic mugs and paintings, in the upcoming May 17 Modern Art & Design auction.