Antiques Roadshow

Tonight: Antiques Roadshow Season 18 Premier

January 6, 2014

New year, new season!

Check out a sneak preview of Antique Roadshow’s season premier, airing today, Jan. 6 at 8/7C on PBS

We were excited to see a 1955 Madoura oval plate by Picasso, which was previously collecting grease over the owner’s stove, as the premier teaser! Watch the sneak preview to see what this Picasso ceramic was valued at.

Peter Loughrey Antiques Roadshow 2013 Summer Tour

June 6, 2013

Mark your calendars!

Peter Loughrey will be traveling across the country to conduct appraisals for the 18th season of Antiques Roadshow this summer.

Peter’s first stop is Jacksonville, Florida this Saturday, June 8th. He will also be traveling to Anaheim, CA on June 22nd and Boise, ID on June 29th.

Tonight: Peter Loughrey on Antiques Roadshow

May 13, 2013

Peter Loughrey will be on Antiques Roadshow tonight – Seattle Hour 1 – and he will be live tweeting for the duration of the show.

Follow @LAModernAuction and @RoadshowPBS on Twitter to get Peter’s unique perspective and expertise. Live tweeting starts tonight at 7:45 p.m. (PST).

To see Peter in action and the modern marvel he is appraising, be sure to set your DVRs for the PBS Antiques Roadshow on Monday, May 13, 2013 (8 p.m. PST). Check out your local listings.

Peter Loughrey on Antiques Roadshow – January 21st

January 18, 2013

You saw him appraise a Jens Risom occasional table two weeks ago, but get ready ladies and gentlemen, Peter Loughrey is back on Antiques Roadshow this Monday night!

To see Peter in action and the modern marvel he is appraising, be sure to set your DVRs for the PBS Antiques Roadshow on Monday, January 21st (8 p.m. ET).

Peter goes to Pittsburgh for the Antiques Roadshow

August 12, 2011

This weekend Peter goes to Pittsburgh to conduct appraisals for the Antiques Roadshow.  If you’re in Pittsburgh, check out event information here. If you can’t make it to Pittsburgh, here are some of Peter’s previous appraisals – watch the videos here. We are excited to hear about what he finds this time…  

San Diego Antiques Roadshow

June 14, 2010

Peter just spent a weekend in San Diego taping the first stop in the 2011 season of the Antiques Roadshow (which will air January 2011 through May 2011). He did an “on camera” appraisal, but he hasn’t told us the item he appraised. I suppose we all must wait and see…

Peter Loughrey in the February 2010 Antiques Roadshow Insider

February 1, 2010

In the February 2010 issue of the Antiques Roadshow Insider Peter Loughrey is mentioned in an article titled “A Complete, Honest Pot” about Vivika and Otto Heino written by Pete Prunkl. The article discusses the lives of the Heino’s and an in depth analysis of their artistic style as 20th Century American potters. Peter Loughrey states […]

California Happenings

August 25, 2009

More recently Peter taped a segment for the Antiques Roadshow in San Jose, CA. Where he saw a lot of great modern design items walking through the door. Tune into your local PBS Station next year to see all the cool stuff. After scoping the scene in San Jose, Peter scored guest passes from Leslie […]