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Artist Spotlight: Mel Ramos

May 6, 2019

Artist Spotlight: Mel Ramos

Figurative painter Mel Ramos (1935–2018) made a name for himself as a leading figure of the first generation of American Pop artists. Alongside Ed Ruscha and Wayne Thiebaud (his former teacher), Ramos first began his practice emulating Abstract Expressionists and quickly took to reimagining the comic book icons of his childhood. Working within this genre, Ramos found himself gravitating towards the voluptuous forms of Wonder Woman and other female superheroes.

Read more about Mel Ramos in today’s Artist Spotlight for the May 19, 2019 Modern Art and Design Auction.

Artist Spotlight: Chuck Close

November 9, 2018

Artist Spotlight: Chuck Close

Chuck Close is perhaps Photorealism’s best known representative, though it be should noted that Close maintains an aversion to the label. While his style has developed over the years, Close is renowned for his massive portraits that feature painstakingly intricate detail. Read more about Chuck Close in today’s Artist Spotlight.

Just In: Josef Albers

October 22, 2018

Josef Albers became fascinated with the architectural silhouettes of the Mesoamerican flat-top pyramids that he observed during his numerous trips to Mexico. This experience is said to have had a lasting impression on Albers’ iconic works, and especially his Homage to the Square series, whose recurring square within a square composition could be seen as a distillation of the shape of the stepped pyramid when viewed from above. LAMA is pleased to be offering this painting in the November 18, 2018 Auction of the Collection of Gerard L. Cafesjian.

Artist Spotlight: John Ferren

September 20, 2018

John Ferren quickly established himself as leading voice amongst New York Abstract Expressionists. In 1955 he served as president of The Club, an organization comprised of some of the leading Abstract Expressionist artists of the day. Disregarding the restraints of post-war painting’s common stylistic adherence, Ferren’s works remained “eclectic and wide ranging.” LAMA will be offering six works by Ferren in the September 30, 2018 Modern Art and Design Auction including “Source Fiesta” (1949), “Untitled” (1960), and his collection of four drawings which all provide a small sample of the vast diversity in Ferren’s repertoire.

Just In: Edward Dugmore Abstractions

March 16, 2018

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

Edward Dugmore moved to New York in 1952 and quickly became associated with a group of avant-garde artists, including Willem de Kooning, Barnett Newman, Franz Kline, Jackson Pollock, and Mark Rothko. It was during this period that Dugmore began heavily experimenting with the ways in which texture could be given to flat surfaces using readily-available pigments, including watercolor, ink, acrylic, and oil paint. The result was a body of large-scale works possessing a distinct tactility for which a Dugmore work is now so readily known. In the June 10, 2018 Modern Art & Design Auction, Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA) is pleased to have the opportunity to include Dugmore’s ‘#50’ and ‘Blue-Black’ (1958), two important oil on canvas works created by the artist during this pivotal moment in his career on the East Coast.

Peter’s Auction Pick of the Day: Helen Frankenthaler

October 5, 2016

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

Throughout her six-decade career, Helen Frankenthaler created a dramatic body of highly expressive abstract painting, unmatched in intensity and lyricism. Created in 1976, Jade demonstrates Frankenthaler’s facility with acrylics. The work carries Frankenthaler’s signature balance of control and spontaneity. Peter Loughrey, director of LAMA, states, “paintings like this don’t come up in this market very often and LAMA doesn’t always get the opportunity to present works of this stature – it’s a great painting at a very attractive estimate.”

Peter’s Auction Pick of the Day: Ad Reinhardt

October 5, 2016

Los Angeles Modern Auctions

One of the 20th century’s most iconoclastic artists, Ad Reinhardt devoted himself to the pursuit of pure abstraction. On October 9, LAMA presents an outstanding example from Reinhardt’s best-known body of work: his all-black or “ultimate” paintings, on which he focused during the last ten years of his career. Peter Loughrey, director of LAMA, states “Abstract Painting is one of those mythical creatures. It is enormously rare for anyone in my field to get the chance to sell one. So, this is a career highlight for me, this is the ultimate opportunity and I’m incredibly proud to have my moment to present one.”

Peter’s Auction Pick of the Day: John McLaughlin

October 3, 2016

Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA)

The first modernist master to emerge from Southern California, the elegant work of John McLaughlin (1898–1976) is characterized by a calm austerity, often associated with Minimalism and Abstract Expressionism. The influence of Zen Buddhist painting on Mclaughlin’s work is apparent in the two masterpieces available at auction on October 9, with their repeated geometric forms and toned down palette. The consistency of his vision and commitment to abstraction proved influential on the following generation of Los Angeles Light and Space artists like Robert Irwin and Larry Bell. McLaughlin’s legacy will be explored in an exhibition at LACMA this fall and the LAMA sale is an excellent opportunity to acquire his work before this career-defining retrospective.