George Nakashima

August 22, 2011

Although he was born and raised in Spokane, Washington to Japanese parents, George Nakashima studied extensively abroad. He spent many of his early years (most of the 1930s) studying in Paris and Japan and was heavily influenced by the principals of Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe of the International Style, as well the utilitarian principals of Frank Lloyd Wright (Imperial Hotel). During the 1940s, Nakashima was introduced to John Entenza and Arts & Architecture publications, where most of his early works were showcased. During this period and through the 1950s, Nakashima formulated his own style based on the interests of natural forms and use of fundamental materials. Over his career he adhered to this strict vocabulary and devoted his creative energy to searching for exotic woods and establishing his woodworking shop. The Nakashima name is synonymous with high quality craftsmanship and the examples shown here demonstrate Nakashima’s strengths of this philosophy. The tables and couches are constructed of simple planks of rich American black walnut woods with rosewood butterfly joints and the buffet and wall-mounted shelf exhibit sensuous curves and architectural expression.

LAMA has represented special Nakashima designs from the height of his career, which includes pieces that were specially commissioned by the Cuyahoga Savings Bank in Cleveland, Ohio.

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