Chuck Close Tapestry

All of Close’s images have a sense of intimacy, but none perhaps more than his self-portraits. Over the artist’s career he has continually returned to creating self-portraits in various media. From paintings, photographs, prints, and now tapestries, each medium has inherent strengths that Close uses to capture his iconic imagery. This textile, from even just a few feet away, fools the eye into believing you are seeing a photograph. To obtain this extraordinary detailing, this tapestry was woven by hand using the Jacquard process, which has been compared to Pointillism and even micro-mosaics.

Chuck Close
Handwoven Jacquard tapestry
Magnolia Editions
#5 of 10
99” x 78.5”
Retains label with signature, title, edition, and manufacturer lower right of tapestry
Estimate $100,000 – 150,000

For information on how to bid on this tapestry in the May 6, 2012 Modern Art & Design auction, please email a LAMA representative or call 323-904-1950. 

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