Chair of the Moment

June 5, 2009

Today I asked Peter if there was any chair he was most excited about in  the sale. He led me to Lot 298, the Dan Johnson Rare Highback “Gazelle” Lounge Chair. This is a really rare example of Dan Johnson’s work because this chair has a high back and a low seat, uncommon in most […]

Hockney Correction

June 5, 2009

Even though it’s a little embarrassing, it’s still kind of cool that a representative from the David Hockney Office emailed us to notify that there are errors with our titles for the David Hockney prints Lots 31 and 32. Here are the correct titles for these lots in addition to another Hockney print, Lot 33 […]

Buzzworthy: Coen de Vries Wall Rack Lot 214

June 5, 2009

As I sat at my desk answering questions about the items in the sale, I noticed that almost every person who left the gallery commented on how much they enjoyed the Coen de Vries Wall Rack, Lot 214. The hooks are interchangeable and form an almost sculptural design. We put the wall rack next to […]

Artistic Inspiration

June 4, 2009

Three young, aspiring artists came into the preview today to have a look around. Claire Cregan, a student at Otis College of Art & Design, noted that she gravitated toward works that were similar to her own. Her favorite item in the sale is Lot 574,  Untitled, by Howard Hodgkin. This still life was produced […]

Just In: Ellsworth Kelly called.

June 4, 2009

Ellsworth Kelly just ordered a catalog! He is the artist of Lot 280, “Red Orange” and Lot 281, “Blue/Yellow/Red”. If you want to order a catalog, check out our website.

Buzzworthy: Donald Deskey Pool Table Lot 386

June 4, 2009

Today a few people showed interest in the Pool Table Lot 386 designed by Donald Deskey. In addition to the information in the catalog Peter has offered to include free delivery anywhere in the Continental  United States. This is kind of a big deal because the top is made from three 400 pound slate tops […]

“Let’s Be Reasonable” is my “Call Me Ishmael”

June 4, 2009

Today a long term client came in and commented how he liked Peter’s Forward in the catalog. We were all amused when he said he read the first line, shut the catalog and decided to come to the preview. He said we had him at “let’s be reasonable.” He continued by saying he is the […]

The White Gloves Came Out…

June 3, 2009

Today a potential bidder asked if they could see the Keith Haring, Statue of Liberty, Lot 236 out of the frame. Peter knew it was time to take out the white gloves. He carefully took the print out of the frame for examination. This is usually a good idea because prints, almost always, look better […]