The Online-Only Auction Helpful Tips

October 13, 2019

Interested in our online-only timed auction (lots 1-53)? See below for a list of frequently asked questions!

How do I sign up?

You can register to bid for the online-only, timed auction lots by downloading LAMA’s proprietary bidding application through the iTunes store or Google Play store by searching “LAModern” or “LAMA Auction”. Alternatively, you can sign-up through the web platform:

Please note that your LA Modern account through is not linked to the online bidding platform. You will need to create a new login if you haven’t previously used the online bidding platform in the past.

How do I register?

Once you have created an account, which is separate from the account used on our primary website,, please hit the “Register to Bid” button on the main page. Even if you have created an account in the past, you will still need to register for each individual auction.

Please note: the October 20th auction has two sessions (online-only and live auction) and you will need to register for both.

How do I bid?

After you are registered for the auction, go to the Lot on which you wish to place a bid. You can choose the next available bid from the dropdown menu, or leave an advanced bid with your top bid amount and the automated system will execute the bids on your behalf.

Will I be notified if I’m outbid?

Yes, if you are outbid, you will receive a push notification on your phone if using the bidding app, or an email.

Can I only bid on these 53 lots on the app?

On the main page of the app or web platform, there are two auctions listed. The “timed auction” and “live auction.” The first 53 lots of the sale are offered in the timed auction, and are only available for bidding online. However, lots 54 through 348 are also available for bidding through the app in the “Live Auction” section.

What is the difference from the online-only “timed auction,” and “live auction” on the app?

For the “timed auction,” the only way to bid is online or through the app. The current bid amount is visible to the public (though if you leave an advance bid, your top bid amount is not visible). For the “live auction” you can leave an advance bid on the lot through the app, but you also have the option of bidding live on the app on the day of the auction, or you can place a phone, absentee, or in-person bid directly with LAMA.

Can I also place absentee or phone bids on the first 53 lots?

No, you can only leave a bid through the app or web platform for these lots.

Can I come the day of the auction and bid on these 53 lots in person?

No, these lots will not come up on the auction block the day of the auction. Live bidding will begin at lot 54 at 12pm (PST) on October 20th.

When will the timed auction lots end?

Lot 1 is projected to end at 12:30pm (PST) on Sunday, October 20th, and each subsequent lot will be scheduled to end one minute later. However, if a bid is placed within 10 minutes of the projected closing time, an additional 10 minutes is added to the close time. This does not affect the closing time of subsequent lots.

Can I come view these lots in person?

Yes, all lots are on display in our showroom at 16145 Hart St., Van Nuys, California, 91406. We are open daily from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

What is the buyer’s premium for the timed auction lots?

The buyer’s premium is 25%. Please read the full Conditions of Sale for the auctions.

What is your reasoning for doing an online-only session?

We decided to include an online-only portion to the auction in order to familiarize our long-time clients with our online bidding platform, and to introduce new clients to the auction process.

How will I know whether I won?

You will receive a notification via email, however, final confirmation will only occur once you have received an invoice directly from Los Angeles Modern Auctions.

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