Peter’s Auction Picks of the Day – Hidden Gems

October 1, 2012

Hidden Gems at the Auction Preview

There are a number of interesting works that are consigned to every auction that come out of a flat file or a drawer that has long been forgotten by the original owner. It’s exciting for us at LAMA to get these types of items because many of them have never been handled, have literally never seen the light of day, and have never been framed. These pieces wind up in sleeves or cabinets in our preview and often times get over looked, which is ironic because many times they are often the best quality pieces in the sale.

For example, there are two original Hammersley lithographs from 1949 (Lot 63 and Lot 64), which the artist mounted to a paperboard and inscribed them with notes verso. These works are in exceptional condition, the colors are intense and strong, and because they have never been framed, it is easy to examine the back and they become more interesting as an object.

Another hidden lot in the sale is Lot 18, Ed Ruscha Gallery Announcements, which are rare if only because most people discarded them after receiving them in the mail (I know I usually do…). Not only were these not discarded, they were carefully preserved and are rarely seen in any condition, much less nearly perfect as issued. In Ruscha’s Catalogue Raisonne a few of these are listed, while others are referred to, but not pictured.

Lately, we at LAMA have been determined to increase the photography offerings in each auction. In our gallery now there is one wall dedicated to photographs, but one very interesting example comes unframed and in a sleeve, separated from the group, and that is Lot 239 Terry O’Neill’s Bianca Jagger, Munich, 1978. The image is recognizable in black and white, but is rarely seen in full color. This work from an edition of only 10 has all the benefits of never being handled or exposed to any light.

All three of these examples are likely to be missed by the casual auction previewer. Now that you’re in the know, ask to see them in-person if you come to the preview.

– Peter Loughrey, Director of Fine Art

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