Peter’s Auction Picks of the Day: May 22nd

May 22, 2010

Peter gets wild and takes a look at the playful side of modernism!

After a serious few weeks of planning and hosting the preview, I had a moment to walk around with a future client of LAMA.  I say future, as this client is only 12.

As kids often do, she was quick to point out something that had not noticed before.  After spending about 30 minutes here, she counted up all of the animals we have in the auction – in paintings, sculpture, and furniture.

Here are some that we both liked and appreciated:

Lot 77 Damien Hirst, Butterflies (6), 2008, $18,000 - 25,000

Lot 78 Francois-Xavier Lalanne, Rhinoceros Bleu, 1981, $25,000 - 35,000

Lot 79 Francois-Xavier Lalanne, Singes Attentifs SI & SII, 1999, $100,000 - 125,000

Lot 164 Gambone, Bull, circa 1965, $800 - 1,200

Lot 333 Rufino Tamayo, Demi-Poisson (Half Fish), 1969, $2,000 - 3,000

Lot 102 David Hockney, No. #4 (From Dog Wall), 1998, $5,000 - 7,000

For more depictions of animals, check out the online catalogue.

Don’t forget, the auction is tomorrow and starts at 12pm Noon (Pacific)!

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