Art Los Angeles Contemporary at the Pacific Design Center

January 29, 2010

Last night we attended the highly anticipated opening of Art Los Angeles Contemporary at the Pacific Design Center.  Over 50 galleries were represented in individual booths, each showcasing their hottest works. The space was packed with all sorts of people from artists and dealers to decorators and collectors. The amount of art was a bit overwhelming, however a few works really stuck out at me. The Shane Campbell Gallery from Chicago caught my eye, particularly a larger painting of a plant by Jonas Wood. The bold colors, flatness, and graphic composition created a very pleasing and refreshing painting that stood out from the crowd. I did a little research and found that Jonas Wood has an exhibit at the Hammer Museum, which is a part of the Hammer Projects series. For more information on the Jonas Wood exhibit at the Hammer click here.

Jonas Wood painting from the Shane Campbell Gallery Chicago

I also enjoyed the works in the Thomas Solomon Gallery from Los Angeles. The gallery featured works by Analia Saban, who overlapped 14-inch lines printed on tape to create compositions on canvas. The overlapping tape gave the canvas a sort of depth, which was intriguing from a distance and allowed the pieces to have a magnetic quality.

Analia Saban, Modular Drawing from the Thomas Solomon Gallery Los Angeles

Overall the event was fantastic and it was great to see the hot, upcoming artists. Also, I must say I particularly loved the design work for the art fair itself, which was created by Fair Grounds Associates. Nice work!

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