The Stahl House, Case Study House #22

September 14, 2009

Last week we were lucky enough to take a special tour with LACMA to experience the inner workings of the famous Case Study House #22, the Stahl house. Not only did we get to step inside the highly coveted living room, but we also got to enjoy the company of Mrs. Stahl! When we first arrived to the house it was about 6:45pm, the sun was on the verge of setting. We got to stroll around the pool, step inside the kitchen, and lounge in the living room. As the sun began to set, the house took on another persona, it became cozy even though 60% of the walls are glass floor to ceiling glass. Being there I must say photos will never capture are the reflections of the hanging bulb lamps. There are three lamps total, which I never knew through pictures, one in the dining area, one in the living room, and one hanging outside all organized on the same invisible line.  After the sun set,  Mrs. Stahl became giddy, and began to show us her favorite reflections. The circular translucent imprints on the walls almost looked like a series of moons, each with its own color and opacity.  It felt like fireworks; a show right in your own living room every night.  If you ever have a chance to take a tour of the Stahl house it is well worth it.

Check out the Stahl House website for photos!

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suss says:

lamodern blog is great… I love that you share experiences related to architecture and furniture. So important!